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Partner Class: Tutors are Japanese teachers selected for their suitability as HHHJapan tutors and unpaid volunteer staff. Partner classes are affordable for students, but not free.

Professional Class: Tutors are professional teachers with Japanese teaching qualifications and teaching experience, and are paid Japanese teachers at HHHJapan.

Note: Students who only want e-learning courses do not need to submit this form.
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※ Time requirements are important for tutor arrangements.
※ The broader the time requirements, the more tutors we can arrange for you to be the best fit.
※ If you do not fill in the place, we cannot make arrangements.
example: Negotiable
Other conditions
How many tutors would you prefer to study with?
5 hours for one teacher. There is a flat monthly fee for each teacher.
【Request for lesson location】
【Request for lesson location】
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※ Place requirements are important for tutor arrangements.
※ The broader the place requirements, the more tutors we can arrange for you to be the best fit.
Please fill in all the places. (In most desired order)
example:Nagoya, Sakae, Kanayama, Kasugai,

* If there is no station, please fill in the area and facility.
example: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Osaka Umeda, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City, California San Diego,
* If you are online only, just write Online.
Anywhere in Japan. You can take lessons online from all over the world.
Please check all the convenient places to study. (Multiple selection possible)
The student's home or company office is not normally used as a place for study in Parter class. Kids, pregnant, expats and so on will be considered.
Which do you take face-to-face or online lessons?
【Request for tutor type】
Tutor's gender
Tutor's age(Multiple selection)
* Some of the older tutors often have experience teaching Japanese.
【Partner class only】Tutor's type (Multiple selection)
What would you like your tutor's English ability to be?
Would you like to study using only Japanese in the class?
Please let me know if there are any conditions to prioritize in this class. (Optional)
example) I want to study with a teacher who can speak English fluently. I'd like to have an office worker teacher. I want to give priority to teachers near my home.
【Request for lesson contents】
What would you like to study?(Multiple selection)
Please check up to 3 of the highest priorities.
Those who answered "Other"  What you want to study? (Optional)
example: I want to be able to talk with colleagues at my company. I want to study in English.
Do you have any Japanese text books?
Name of the textbook
example) Minna no Nihongo, Genki, ShinkanzenmasterN3
【Your current Japanese level】
What is your Japanese level?
What is your JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level?
Have you ever studied Japanese before? How? (Optional)
example) group classes for 6 months in Nagoya AIUEO school., I studied by myself for a year using textbooks.
What other languages can you speak? (Multiple selection)
The language name if you select “Other languages”.
The fee of Japanese classes.
How much do you think your Japanese will improve over the next 6 months? (Optional)
Please describe your purpose and goals for studying Japanese.
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